Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Dares Rattle The Kenyan Oligarch

According to the Daily Nation, less than 3 days after Internal Security Minister John Michuki's home was attacked by gangsters, 43 suspects have been arrested and an entire security team, including the Kangema district officer, the officer in charge of the local police station, and all regular and Administration police officers from the division, has been transferred.

If only the security machinery would be as quick when dealing with crimes against the taxpayers who fork out for their salaries. When was the last time anyone heard of a mass transfer of officers after any of the all-to-frequent rapes, murders, carjackings or robberies? But an attack on the home of one chap who has already been provided (at our expense, mind you) with GK issue bodyguards, a GK issue firearm, who pays no tax on his GK issue salary. . . . and all hell breaks lose. Kenya is truly an oligarchy.

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Acolyte said...

As George Orwell said, all animals were created equal but some were created more equal than others!