Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shadow Boxing: Kilonzo vs Wako

Amos Wako has just received a black eye from the Shadow AG Mutula Kilonzo in the first round of their legal bout over Kenyan nominee to the East African Legislative Assembly. Sitting in Arusha, The East African Court of Justice granted an interim injunction restraining the clerk of the Kenyan National Assembly and the Attorney-General from recognising the nine nominees from Kenya, whose names were forwarded to EALA in Arusha "as duly elected members".

The suit was filed last month by Kilonzo Advocates and Associates. During the hearing before a panel of five judges, the plaintiffs from Nairobi said they were aggrieved by the procedure applied in the nomination of the Narc candidates and wanted the selections revoked. Their legal team was led by Kilonzo, while Wako stood for the defendants.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh Mutula Kilonzo look so good for AG right now. Goes to show some courts in EA can actually understand the laws.