Thursday, November 16, 2006

Islamofascism in Kenya

Just came across this report on some Christians who were charged in a Nairobi court of inciting Muslims to violence.
NAIROBI – A Nairobi court has acquitted two U.S. evangelists and their Kenyan counterparts of charges of inciting Muslims to violence.
Orisio Andrew Saucier and Paul Eddie Garcia of Calvary Baptist Church were declared free men by Kibera Principal Magistrate Hellen Wasilwa, who noted that the anti-Islamic literature used by the defendants was similar to anti-Christian literature in Muslim bookstores that, neverthless, did not cause Christians to raise charges of “incitement to violence.”
I find the idea that Islam is somehow immune to criticism to be an affront to secularism and applaud the Kibera Principal Magistrate Hellen Wasilwa for standing up to the demagoguery of the fanatics. It is a pity that the police and prosecutors could not do the same.


Acolyte said...

Allahu Akbar!!!!!

Anonymous said...

eeeh? Didn't quite get that "affront on secularism" bit... I thought religion and secularism are two opposite ends of the spectrum (as in night and day, black and white?)

What would be a valid question to ask is why would christians or muslims) for that matter develope materials against each other as opposed to concentrating on their faiths and working on getting close to their respective gods and jesuses?

I am muslim... does that make me a "loser" or "definitely going to hell" in christian books?

This compe of which religion is the best needs to stop now because it jsut feeds the egos of the respective pastors and imams and does nothing for the nourishing of the believers of the respective religions.

Screw the pastors and imams who engage in this kind of compes. Kibera guy should have jailed the complainants and the defendants in this particular case.

Gathara said...

Careful Aco. You may just be courting a fatwa.

Gathara said...

Kenya is a secular country and to try and use the instruments of state to crack down on critics of one religion or another is an affront to that secularism.

Anyways, I do not agree with you that all religions are created equal. Since they all claim to proclaim the truth, then of necessity either one is right and all the rest wrong; or all are wrong. They cannot all, again of necessity, be right.

Therefore, it is entirely permissible for Christians to preach that Muslims (and Buddhists and adherents to all other religions including other Christians who do not belong to the same sect) are hell-bound. The Muslims are free to do the same.

Frankly speaking, the Muslims have displayed no qualms about branding others infidels and forecasting their imminent destruction.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ ur advice to Aco! :-) Bt seriously, these are heady days!

Acolyte said...

@ Gathara and Kenyananalyst
You do have a point! These truly are heady days!

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