Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Broken News

Just watched NTV news and heard Sophie Ikenye declare that "police suspect [Kshs. 200,000 worth of Bhang recovered from a newspaper delivery van enroute from Kisumu] was being transported to an unknown destination." To suspect that contraband found in the back of a van at a police roadblock is being "transported" seems to me to be the height of inanity.

But Ms Ikenye is in good company. Today's Standard tells us:

[In an exclusive interview on Monday, Raila Odinga] named eight prominent personalities he claimed are co-plotters in a 'conspiracy' to take out the Opposition politicians ahead of next year’s General Election. He named one of the Artur brothers, a senior Cabinet minister, a Member of Parliament for a Nairobi constituency, a political activist, a senior police officer, two unfamiliar people and a recently retired senior police officer.
Wow! Could they be any more specific? Now we have been unquestionably informed. When I think of all the lives sacrificed for press freedom...

On a lighter note, anyone remember the howlers on KBC (or the then VOK)? A newscaster once referred to the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu as "Chausiku". Another presenter spoke of the "rallying ass" Patrick Njiru (he meant "rallying ace"). Leonard Mambo Mbotela commentating on a soccer match: "Goooooal!! Mpira umetoka nje!"


Anonymous said...

Kenya’s Assistant minister for Information and Communication Mr Koigi wa Wamwere, who was a refugee in Norway the same time with Mr Raila Odinga has said “the claim on Raila’s life should be investigated most seriously. “If true, Hon. Raila should be given extra security. If it is not true, Hon. Raila is not above the law and should be punished and charged for propagating false information against the government”, he told a press conference in Nairobi, reports the Kenya Times.”

Today, Raila recorded a statement at the police after he was summoned to clarify his claims that there was a plot hatched by government officials to assassinate him and other ODM-K leaders.

By claiming so, Raila has got what he wanted. Media publicity because he is running for presidency. This is an easy way to get symphaty votes when one claims the government wants to kill a presidential contender.

It has been reported that he did not shed any light to the claims when he was in the police station today for questioning.

It is interesting to note that everytime Raila goes to write a statement, the other ODM-K leaders have to follow to the police station.

They seem to fear that Raila may be intimidated while being questioned and locked up. They should know better that there is no more detentions in Kenya.

Coming out after writing the statement and accusing the government for intimidation makes little sense.

The country is tired of leaders who squabble day in and day out while planning on how to take over power.

The Times reports that the Luo elders are now warning the government should something happen to Raila.

Why are these Luo Council of Elders not mentioning the other ODM-K leaders when warning the government of an uprising. Why only Raila? Was the threat not directed to all ODM-K leaders?

They keep saying they helped Kenyatta and Kibaki to power. Did they not help Moi? They now want a meeting to be held between the Kikuyus and the Luos. Are these the only communities in government and the opposition?

It is now clear that the fight for power is between the Kikuyu and the Luo people - this in the minds of many who want to see it that way.

We had a story yesterday whereby we wrote about a top secret document fromODM-K. We also stated that Raila will replace Nairobi with Kisumu as Kenya’s Capital city if he becomes the next president.

When you read between the lines, the Luo Council of Elders are saying exactly the same thing. They say they helped Kenyatta and Kibaki who are in the capital Nairobi, teh power centre. Does it not mean that they want help from the Kikuyu people to have power also?

And what will be a show of power without moving the capital city Nairobi to Kisumu, the base of power for the Luo Council of Elders who say they helped Kenyatta and Kibaki to get to the present base of power - Nairobi?

It is reported by the Times that the Luo Council of Elders Chairman Riaga Amollo Ogallo , has said enough was enough and warned of dire consequences should Raila be harmed.

The times continues to report that “in a statement read by Secretary General Odera Osawa, the elders said in the past, prominent Luos had been eliminated and cited the late Tom Mboya, Robert Ouko, Polycarp Mboya, Horace Ongili, Otieno Ambala and Hezekiah Oyugi.”

Why is the council not mentioned other prominent leaders from other communities that have also lost their lives like J.M. Kariuki?

Has this thing called power become so “tribal?”

Gathara said...

Another dispatch from the lunatic fringe. Raila claims that plans are afoot to assassinate him then Uncle Joe above says "Raila will replace Nairobi with Kisumu as Kenya’s Capital city if he becomes the next president."

When did "propagating false information against the government" become a crime?

Anonymous said...

When did "propagating false information against the government" become a crime?

Gathara i suggest that you pay close attention to the Preservation of Public Security Act it is very clear on what can and cant be done .talking is good and being loud about issues may fly but even raila recognized that he could go to jail .personalizing attacks at the government is what prevents the mwaninchi concerns to be overlooked because everything is personalized. and guess what when the government hits back at opponents its personal too think about it before you call people names

Don_quixote said...

Nice post, a politician will say or do anything to get the voters to sway and earn their sympathy? Why the kenyan public needs to sympathise with all the politicians in parliament now beats me, they have done nothing but work to fill up their pockets. Taking the little the public has from them, just so that they can snooze as they sit and serve us?.
Them killing each other should be the least of the ordinanry mwananchi's problems but we are soo steeped in tribals masks that we fail to see that which stares us in our faces.

LOL at "transported" i bet if one asked the driver he would say that "the contraband hitch hicked"

Gathara said...

Uncle Joe,
There is nothing in the Preservation of Public Security Act (Cap 57, Laws of Kenya)about "propagating false information against the government." Stop scaremongering. When the government "hits back at opponents" it has to do so according to the law.

Well put. The politicians have made national issues out of their personal disputes. From the infamous MoU to arrangements for Kibaki's one-term Presidency to sharing out of yet-to-be-created constitutional office such as Prime Minister, all these were personal agreements between politicians that were allowed to derail the national agenda.

Anonymous said...

Heated discussions aside. Howlers by Kenyan reporters make my day. Like this one in the standard.
With a knife protruding from her chest and blood gushing from the gaping wound, the 29-year-old woman angrily waved away the crowd. Grimacing in pain, the woman’s message was simple and clear — "Stay away or I will come flying down on you. Leave me alone."
How the heck does someone who is on the ground on their two feet fly down on you?! Sheesh! Editing standards have to rise!

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