Monday, November 20, 2006

Whitewashing Moody Awori

In February, the Law Society of Kenya said it would act if the AG delayed in prosecuting those named by John Githongo and demanded that VP Moody Awori resign over his role in the Anglo Leasing scandal. Nine months later and despite Wako's inaction on the Githongo dossier, the LSK's words have proven to be an exercise in verbosity. The LSK's hypocrisy was further exposed today when the VP was an honoured guest at the launch of their Legal Awareness/Legal Aid Week.

Inviting tainted politicians to preside over such functions, as we see almost daily on our TV screens, sends the wrong message. The government may be unwilling to prosecute them but that is no reason for the rest of us to acquiesce in the plunder of our resources. What the LSK has done is tantamount to whitewashing the VP. It is shameful and deserves to be condemned by all.

I call upon all bloggers and lawyers to make some noise about this. At the very least, let us force them to explain themselves and thus pass an unmistakable message: We will not distinguish between the corrupt and those who harbour them.


Anonymous said...

gathara you should have stuck to math a moi uni instead of droppingout .and fix that tail light it is against traffic rules to drive around with a broken tail light

Gathara said...

In the words of the late E-Sir:
Vitisho vya peni mbili, vitanifanya mimi nini?

Acolyte said...

Kwani where is this hating coming from?
Anyway The Kenyan Law Society lost it's focus quite sometime back.We all know how lawyers are upstanding members of Kenyan society always serving the best interests of their clients especially when it comes to compensation.

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