Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here We Go Again

Is it just me who thinks that going into another round of elections without doing something to restore the ECK's credibility is asking for trouble? As far as I know, no reforms have been undertaken at the Commission following the murderously incompetent handling of the General Election. It seems to me that Kenyans are living up to their billing as the most optimistic people on earth. Insanely optimistic, I might add, considering that repeating the same actions and expecting different results is one of the hallmarks of insanity!


odegle said...

that is ruthlessly eloquent i must say. i keep on wondering what it would take for an African to accept mistakes and step down. i saw that a minister in Canada resigned just because he left sensitive govt docs in a 'risky' place. How long before we reach there?

Anonymous said...

absolutely shocking! even ODM not having yet used their parliamentary majority to address ECK impunity beggars any logic. I am firmly convinced that the concept of democracy was never internalized by that lot of Kenyans. they can reproduce the processes by rote memory....but thats where it ends! the substance is VERY VERY disappointing...and it is worse coz they feel NOTHING!!!!!!