Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Safaricom Customer Care

Here's a useful facebook group:

Safaricom should be able to afford better customer service...

Who is not tired of waiting over 10 minutes for someone to pick up your call at customer service? And this is on the chargeable line!

The toll free lines are a complete joke!

I think with all the profits the company is making, they should take all those young people wearing green tshirts off the streets and actually provide the services they advertise.

Ksh. 20 billion profit and they can't afford a decent customer care service? And they think we have peculiar calling habits! Since we all know that the media is in Michael Joseph's pocket, it would be interesting to see how they might react if we made such a stink on Facebook that they could on longer ignore it. So I suggest that we all join (and invite all our friends to join) this group and share their Safaricom horror stories. In this way we might just cause them enough embarrassment to effect a little change.


Anonymous said...

I actually read this post when in line for 2 hours at the sarit 'care' centre. How about going beyond making a 'stink' and actually getting commitments to switch on a deadline?

Unknown said...
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