Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oh No! Not Another Promise...

The Nation reports that President Mwai Kibaki, meeting with Electoral Commissioners yesterday, promised that the government would not interfere in the operations of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK). Now, them's fightin' words!

This President has a habit of prefacing each of his betrayals with a promise not to do the same. For example, in April 2003, when opening the Constitution review talks, the President promised that his government would "not interfere with the review process". Less than 7 months later, he sent mounted police to stop Prof Yash Pal Ghai and a group of delegates from reopening the third sitting of the national conference at the Bomas of Kenya. His litany of broken promises (both to the public and his fellow politicians), and the fact that he has recently torn up the 1997 IPPG "Gentleman's Agreement" which allowed the opposition a voice in the selection of ECK commissioners, is proof enough that this is another vow he has no intention of honouring.

Consider yourselves warned.

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