Friday, February 02, 2007

Gambian President Cures AIDS on Thursdays

Remember South African President Thabo Mbeki's ridiculous claim that HIV did not cause AIDS and his governments reluctance to provide ARVs to its citizens (I won't even start on his idiot of a Health Minister)? Well the Gambians have gone one better. The BBC reports that the President of Gambia claims he can cure AIDS in three days. President Yahya Jammeh said last month he had begun treating 10 patients on Thursdays with secret medicinal herb ingredients.
"I can treat asthma and HIV/Aids... Within three days the person should be tested again and I can tell you that he/she will be negative," he said in a statement. "I am not a witch doctor and in fact you cannot have a witch doctor. You are either a witch or a doctor."
Gambian Health Minister Tamsir Mbow says the herbal medicines are taken orally and applied to the body. "We cannot actually tell you the type of herbs we are using presently, it will be known to the whole world later on," Dr Mbow told the BBC.
One of the patients currently undergoing the treatment is Gambian university lecturer Ousman Sowe. "I've noticed I've increased weight substantially over the last 10 days. I am no longer suffering from constipation, but we have yet to receive result of the tests," he told the BBC. "I have 100% confidence in the president and I'm taking the medication with all confidence.
I guess Mr. Jammeh's procedure also involves getting the country's parliament to pass a bill stating that the patient in question no longer has AIDS and banning VCT centres not run by the government. 100% success rate guaranteed. And no matter if the said patient dies. After all, he couldn't possibly have died of AIDS, said anti-AIDS bill having been passed into law! It could only be propaganda by the foreign-financed opposition who are hell-bent on causing chaos and despondency. All hail the wise and peerless Yahya Jammeh!

Is it me or does Africa seem to have more than its fair share of imbeciles in positions of leadership?


3N said...

few questions on this...
How come he only works on Thursday's and why 10 patients per?
I think every year there is an African president who embarkes on being the dumbest biggest idiot from our continent and this guy is this year's front-runner.

Anonymous said...

@3N - Have you considered how his faith is informing what he is doing? Have you considered delving into the spiritual lives African leaders lead and how such impacts on public policy and the conduct of public affairs? Remember - I have not said anything.

Unknown said...

You get the leaders you deserve...that's what we've gotten in this sun-baked continent ever since Shaka! That fools still vote for them.. like the 50m's ethereal human folly!!!