Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Je n'accuse pas!

Dear President Mwai Kibaki,

Recently some bloggers (including this one and most notably M) have taken to calling your administration "mediocre". I am writing this in defense of your record and to repudiate that manifestly unfair adjective. A look at some of your accomplishments should put such hyperbole to rest.

30,000 out 750,000 promised housing units is worse than mediocre;

the fact that wanted criminals can come to our country, brazenly break our laws while holding press conferences at the VIP lounge in JKIA, and obtain security passes to every corner of our airports is worse than mediocre;

scuttling the constitutional review process after a promise from you not to interfere and the attempt to impose a bastardized version is worse than mediocre;

the total collapse of the war against corruption, the failure to secure convictions against all but one of the accused "big fish" and pardoning the one who was netted, and the retention of tainted individuals in your Cabinet is worse than mediocre;

the failure to contain rampant crime and disband the illegal militias such as Mungiki is worse than mediocre;

the failure to plan for implementation of the free primary education policy leading to class sizes of 120 in some cases, shortages of schools and teachers, and consequent poor quality of instruction is worse than mediocre;

the betrayal of more than 15 years of agitation for democratic reform through harassment of journalists, illegal raids on media premises, attempts to interfere with registration of political parties and their officials, violent and unprovoked police attacks on peaceful demonstrators is worse than mediocre;

the wholesale abdication of your responsibilities as President, most notably the failure to tame your Cabinet and the failure to appoint a tribual to remove the AG after his numerous failings (nolle prosequis, poor drafting of law, accusations of abetting graft) is worse than mediocre.

I hope that this post will provide you and yours a modicum of relief from the unfounded and unjustified accusations of overachievement. I commend you on your studious silence in the matters mentioned above. The words of the French journalist Emile Zola, in his famous article J'accuse!, should bring you much comfort: "La verite est en marche et rien ne l'arretera" (truth is on the march and nothing can stop it).

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mama shady said...

very nice!i wish this would hit some peoples consciences