Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pastor "Miracle Baby" Deya Arrested

The BBC reports that evangelist Gilbert Deya, who claimed to have created pregnancies through the power of prayer, has been detained by the British authorities under an arrest warrant issued by Kenya where he is wanted for child trafficking. Now it up to a British court to decided whether he gets to join his wife in a Kenyan jail. Deya has managed to evade justice for over two years. Only a miracle (or Amos Wako's legendary incompetence) can save him now.


Acolyte said...

It was about time this clown was put behind bars!

Anonymous said...

who never sin throw him the first stone!!!God have mercy

Gathara said...

Religion and idiocy have walked together ever since the man first appeared on earth. While your God is busy having mercy on his wayward pastors, priests, child-abusers and child-traffickers, I will be casting stones.

Anonymous said...

No one should cast any stones on this human being. First the facts should be reviewed, where the children were coming from is the most important thing that guys should look into first. Think on this line...Miracle babies then the DNA tests carried out on them (Children Claimants) were negative. This means there is a story behind the big story, either the results were tempered with (anything is possible in Kenya), Sources too have indicated political influence on this story, and the parents who hoped that they had found their long lost babies- some were beyond convinced by the prove of the birth marks and only to be turned away when the results were negative. This brings lots of answered questions, who are the parents of this babies? Maybe they were part of the large percentage of the unwanted babies that we hear have been abandoned by their mothers and all that bishop wanted to do for these children was miracle. Give them a home and love that they could never receive from their biological mothers. To me that’s sounds more of a miracle than a kidnapper tale and more so the fact that he gives a future to the babies- they survive the cruelty of being in the street and first nature they get, helped them survive from all forms of evil- maybe an abortion…who wouldn’t call it a miracle. Yet you want to cast the first stone and you embrace all the evils mothers are doing to unborn children in all communities. They have a bigger log to remove in their eyes than the one in the bishop’s. We all have a purpose and reason on this earth. Maybe his is being the saviour of these children. He should continue with the good course that have set to do…or what to you say.
I have an experience from this story and I have talked from basis of the case.

Gathara said...

If the good Pastor got collected abandoned kids from the street, then why would he perpetrate a fraud on his believers and the state by claiming that he was miraculously making women pregnant? If he wants to do good, why is he hiding his "light under a bushel"? And why would he run away from a competent court whose mandate is to seek out the truth? If you see nothing suspicious in all this, then you have my pity.

Anonymous said...

Good, at least you are talking same angle of child abandoned by their biological parents. Bishop has a story when he talks about miracle of conception by Holy Spirit. What you believe is what is true in you heart. These women wanted children and they could believe in any form of miracles. The children they got had no stand in the society, as their real parents are unknown at this point. This is proved, out of all the 53 couples come to test for the DNA, non turned positive, that’s my augment of miracle behind the story, The children in question must have come from some woman’s womb and if this woman did not want the child and turned to abortion, she goes to the hospital having made up her mind that she want to get rid of the baby, but then a miracle happens and the child is still born alive, that’s a different case, unlike where the mother bears unwanted child and signs it off for adoption, the previous, the child has no identity or any existence. Because the mother signs death warrants to it, but when it survives the abortion, it became a tale. Abortion is a practise that is happening everyday in our society. And there is a statistic of its happenings. Society don’t want to talk about because it is ban in our law, but still it’s a felony, its real and happening everyday even done by qualified doctors, it’s a cash cow, who is blaming them. They are back street hospitals that are practising this evil acts and no values will Condone it, yet practised behind closed doors has increased chances of a child born with no identity whatever, and having to faced the difficulty of dealing with such babies who survive an abortion because can not prove where such baby come from when they take it to government care. To avoid lots of questions and a lot of court cases that goes on forever, they choose to give or cash in some money from the couples that want babies. That’s true story, the time we are living are evil, such thing happen below our noses. The government may be a ware of such happenings, we don’t know for sure unless we judge from measures haven taken to protect its citizens from it, but, in any case every wrong doing days are numbers. With this coming to right signify an end…my point is, the story behind it all, the government has played part of the game, Bishop like many Kenyans reaping from the loophole that have extended.
Another thing, him using the deceit principle to his believers, they are secrets and only runs within congregation unless there is a break through, and the truth comes out. Those mothers who beard miracle babies’ stories are not straight. Lead an ear on whole saga and it will sound more of an inside story than deceit to disciples.
Thinking in my way, society has blame on what’s happening in our midst. The government is supposed to protect its citizens, when it fails to do so we start pointing blame on individuals. Have it ever dawn to you maybe by looking deeper, the Corruption dossier may have a heavy link to Miracle story. Call it dumps, my theory of the story goes beyond miracles. Ask me more…
Mark me right, No one govern by any land law adorn what bishop doing is right, but what he choose to do for the children is right in Christian way. I believe in miracle, and this will remain one in my mind at least, till when the government come clean with its involvement to the game… Deya may be only be defender in a football match, there is still the coach and the rest of players, you know what I mean…
Parting shot: We should look within our selves, no judgement done in this world will equal to God's plan and purpose of our existence. Start by reparation today, that way we are assured of good to come from our action. No child deserve any sort of punishment, it’s so innocent and holy. The decision lies within.

Gathara said...

If "no one govern[ed] by any land law [condones] what bishop doing is right" then why are you defending him? Kenya is a SECULAR country not governed by "Christian way[s]" but by law. And whatever his motivations (and I do not for one moment believe they were benign) he broke that law.

Anonymous said...

tI agree it was not all benign. But his choice of the heroic act -providing to the needy children to some degree it was a Christian way but the part he expedient greed in his deal, has ruins it all and that’s why he is in the situation he is now. He might be changed guilty for child kidnapping/trafficking because that’s all they got on him (lack of blood relation with the children). That will be unfair, considering the other facts present in the case. What about the rest who are his culprits will they go free for being in power. Or will hell break lose (Bishop pressured to uncover his trail) because that’s what is left for CID to hope for when he is expelled out UK, so that they have a real case up their sleeves. What happened to their investigations into the facts? Did they bite much they couldn’t chew? Giving us the negative results of the DNA tests in the case I don’t believe was the best they could do. If justice has to be served in this case, government should not play in. It should let all involved brought to trial, and maybe this will help to make 2007 election year easier for a right candidate to be elected in power!!!
The rest will be history for bishop, his congregation will have expanded enormously and this will as well be testimony/gospel to preach to his people. The worst for him to happen will be deprived rights to the children, but at this point do you believe he entirely need the children, life will move on with them or not, in fact if they are taken into government care he will be skimmed for other opportunities. He had foreseen this day when he did all perceptional, without leaving daunt on his followers mind and by now he has acquired skills in the game. What will happen to the welfare of the children in present looming poverty in our economy? Will they ever get another place to call home? At this point the law that govern and protect the citizen will deprive justice to this children. They will once more lack basic needs. What will be actions taken by the Kenyans who cast the stones to the Bishop, will they will donate to the well kept of the children, or they will be another burden to everyone.

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