Thursday, December 14, 2006

Low Standard(s)

The Standard has published this article from its Managing Editor, Quality and Production, Okech Kendo. Physician, heal thyself! The article is truly awfully written. And this from the guy in charge of quality. Small wonder our journalistic standards are so low.

This being my 100th post, I have a few awards I would like to dish out.

Elder of the Order of the Broken Promise:
Mwai Kibaki

Elder of the Order of the Lazy Bum:
All Ministers whose ministries ranked within poorest 10

Elder of the Order of the Broken Tooth:
John Michuki

Urchin of the Order of the Shameless Elder:
Khamlesh Pattni, Nicholas Biwott, Daniel Arap Moi, The Arturs, Gideon Moi, George Saitoti, Kiraitu Murungi, Moody Awori, David Mwiraria, Chris Murungaru

Elder of the Order of the Shattered Dream:
All Kenyans

More later.


Acolyte said...

Journalistic standards in Kenya are very low due to the duopoly and incestous relationship between the two large papers.
Add to this the cronyism and the incidences of slanted reporting in either direction and you dont have a very reliable media.Not to say there arent writers who try out there!

coldtusker said...

Aco - Kwani all you do is troll blogs??? Ur always the first commentator...

Don't see you on coldtusker any more...

I agree with Gathara... Nation is better than Standard