Friday, January 18, 2008

Meanwhile, As Kenya Burns....

The fiddler at State House

Isn't it amazing that at a time when the country faces an existential crisis, the Head of State remains quiet, safely ensconced within the protective walls of State House and content to let the police guns and teargas do his talking for him? I know that this is default mode for him whenever there is a problem but this time I think his silence speaks volumes about how little he cares for the welfare of his subjects (for that is indeed what we have become), for democracy and for the rule of law.

Just when we though the Big Man Syndrome was gone for good, Africa's latest reformer-turned-dictator, following in the footsteps of others like Uganda's Yoweri Museveni and Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi, is now rolling back more than a decade of hard-won freedoms in a desperate bid to hang on to power. The so-called wind of change that was supposed be sweeping the continent is petering out in front of our eyes and with it go our hopes and dreams.


Anonymous said...

I have always said that Kibaki might be a good economist but not a good leader and definitely not a great president. At this time of pain & anguish in Kenya we need a leader who can rise above it all and help us walk towards peace.

Instead we have a President who addresses the country in pre-recorded "live" transmissions with a pre written speech rather than something from the heart.

Kenya is in need of a decisive, brave president who love his country. I see none of that in him.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic here. If Mr Man said anything, it would ignite more flames for those who see him/his party as the opposition. The real voice comes from you and I: stop being used as a puppet of both parties' greed and stand for freedom, peace and economic progress. The best form of opposition needed right now is if the citizens of Kenya stand still - there'll be no pawns to use!

Anonymous said...

the problem we have is that we are too ashamed to say it out. its not the first time that raila has killed kenyans. there was 1982.
then that majimbo thing for campaign!
and finaly you must have heard it. 'there will be no peace without justice.' what justice will you have when you are the sole survivor in a family of six. its time to wake up the fellow did not even attend high school in kenya as well as college. who's been fooled

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Vee. We can not have rehearsed, chreographed pre-writen messages passed thru the PPS. Someone may disown them one day while another may question their authencity citing technology capabilities. What is in the heart the body language never lies about. So whats in the heart? I have never attended a negotiation where I decide who should be on the other side, it just never happens, at global or even village level. Which world do some of our leaders live in.