Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Missed Opportunity?

I am fast tiring of all the excuses our so-called leaders (on both sides) are employing to avoid having the necessary talks so the current crisis can be resolved. So what if Kibaki chose Kalonzo and Karua to represent him? As Yitzhak Rabin noted, one does not make peace with one's friends! And Raila cannot purport to decide for the PNU whom their negotiators should be.

Secondly, someone has to lay the groundwork for a face-to-face between the two, as Raila wants. It is of no use for them to meet just for the sake of it without any substantial outcome. Let their lieutenants sort out the messy details and converge their positions so that when we finally have a leaders' "summit" they will have something to sign. It is how negotiations are carried out all over the world.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome cartoons.
Indeed our "leaders" need to recognize that people are dying and the sooner they meet the better. But then again those dying are not their relatives or family member. Rather they are some abstract relation called tribe.
What a shame.