Friday, August 10, 2007

Tha Shiznit or Whatever that Means

Just ran my blog through Gizoogle which "transizlates" pages from English into wachamacallit. Here's how my last post comes out(Hat Tip: globalizati):

In a pizzy last week, I asked ridin' in mah double R: "WH-to-tha-izzat has become of tha PIC Chairman Justin Muturi's promise ta git ta tha bottom of tha [Safarizzles ownership] affair?" Well, tha Siakago MP seems ta be respond'n.

Today's Nation reportsthiznat tha parliamentary watchdog committee is pimpin' tha suspension of tha firm’s public sale of shares, valued at Kshs. 34 billion, till tha issue of who owns 10% of tha company is resolved fo all my homies in the pen. The PIC states in a report that tha sharehold'n was irregularly transferred ta nigga Mobitelea Ventures Ltd or Vodafone Plc n demands its immediate return ta Telkom Kenya . Boo-Yaa!.

The report furtha suggests thizzat tha share in question, once transferred, should be held in trizzay fo` tha public n be factored into tha privatisizzles of tha company n tizzy tha Communicizzles Commission of Kenya CEO John Waweru S-T-to-tha-izzep aside "until tha investizzles is completed" fo` his roles on tha board of tha defunct Kenya Posts n Telecommunicizzles Corporizzle n Telkom at tha time of whiznen motherfucka of tha share in question tizzy place n shit. The MPs also want those officials who approved tha playa of Safarizzles shares in 1999 barred from spendin' public office and my money on my mind.

Curiously, though, tha committee report states thizzat "Mobitelea Ventures is not based in nor does it operate in Kenya" which flies in tha face of reports in tha East African that Mobitelea Ventures Ltd and yo momma. wiznas, at least tiznill 2000 a non-trad'n arm of Telkom Kenya.

Let us hizzle tha truth wizzay out rappa ratha tizzy shot calla. Drug Deala way, Safcom wizzle pay a steep price fo` tha deception.


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