Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bling H2O: The Fountain of Celebrity Life

The latest must-have celebrity accessory (aside from adopted African kids) is Bling H2O. For only $35 (Kshs. 2500), you get a "Limited Edition, corked, 750ml, recyclable frosted glass bottle, exquisitely handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals," and... oh yes, a little spring water, bottled at source in amazingly unromantic Dandridge, Tennessee.
Wanna bet that some of you will soon be buying one, and after drinking the water, keep the bottle for future refills of home-boiled tap water? Bling, Bling!

1 comment:

Girl next door said...

At first, I didn't think it was real but the website confirmed it. It's such b.s! Everything is a status symbol these days. If I actually bought a bottle, I would definitely keep it.