Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Waki Nation

Reading parts of the Waki report as detailed in the Nation, one thing struck me as a bit strange. The report contends that at least part of the post-election violence was stoked by the Majimbo debate. It seems to me that Justice Waki is declaring certain topics/issues to be no-go zones, that we have no business discussing alternative forms of  government beause such loose talk will inevitably lead to violence. This is just another recipe for the petrification of Kenyan society, and consequently a guarantee of the preservation of the inequality and thievery that's characterizes our present system. Furthermore, it perpetuates the notion that Kenyans are to treated like children, deemed unable to comprehend the complexities of the world. We need to be shielded from certain ideas which can only soil our naive souls, or worse, bring out the murderous savage that dwells not far from the surface of each one of us. Personally, I find such notions deeply insulting.

Today I spent an hour stuck in traffic courtesy of one Mwai Kibaki, whose idea of public service seems to include taking a drive through the city during the lunchtime rush hour. The experience just brought home another aspect of the idiocy of Mutula Kilonzo's idea of building a dedicated lane for VIPs (apart from the obvious ass-licking issues, of course!) I couldn't help but notice that Uhuru Highway has 3 lanes each way but the police never clear just one for the potentates. What makes the Honourable gentleman assume that adding a fourth will change this behaviour?

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