Monday, February 11, 2008

Forward to the Past?

If media reports (or speculation) on the supposed "deal" reached between Kibaki and Raila is true, then it would be an indictment of Kibaki's decision in 2003 to toss out the MoU which had given him the Presidency. I mean, talk of 50-50 sharing of Cabinet posts, constitution review and even a premiership is reminiscent of the document signed between NAK and LDP in 2002, prior to the elections. Just that now instead of a Rainbow Coalition, we are looking at a Government of National Unity and instead of a Memorandum of Understanding, we have a Power-Sharing Agreement.

This is symptomatic of the peculiarly Kenyan tendency to chase our tails when confronted with serious issues. What guarantees do we have that this latest MoU won't go the way of the previous one? Has Kibaki really learnt his lesson?

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