Thursday, September 28, 2006

Is Kibwana High on NARCotics?

A precious piece of sophistry and unbridled sycophancy from Prof. Kibutha Kibwana in today's Daily Nation: "The Narc experiment has failed. President Kibaki’s gallant attempt to contain the LDP, DP, NPK, and Ford Kenya together proved to be a Herculean task. He had presumably thought that Kenya’s political and other elite would see the sense in coalescing into a national party capable of transforming Kenya within a short period. The collapse of the ruling party forced President Kibaki to craft a government of national unity. He decided to work with all politicians of good will so as to create a broad-based government. As a result, the distinction between those from the old regime, those who left Kanu in 1992 and the 2002 entrants, had to be abandoned. Pragmatism took centre-stage."
While it is obvious that Narc has failed, to cite Kibaki's "gallantry" in trying to unite the feuding factions is a mind-boggling stretch. To further state that he "decided to work with all politicians of goodwill" is to attribute industry and goodwill to the President, none of which have been his strong points. Finally, the Prof takes leave of all common sense when he implies that Narc had maintained a distinction between "those who left Kanu in 1992 and the 2002 entrants." That is patently false. In fact, the LDP, a member party of the NARC coalition was almost exclusively composed of "the 2002 entrants" and they seemed to be right at home with "those who left Kanu in 1992" such as Kibaki himself. The NARC government at inception included such former KANU stalwarts as Prof. George Saitoti and Fred Gumo, both not particularly famous for their anti-corruption and human rights advocacy, and both named in Musikari Kombo's "List of Shame", which Kibaki had fraudulently promised to implement if elected in 2002.
What is the minister for Environment and Natural Resources smoking?


alexcia said...

His ministry is after all Environment and Natural Resources--where there is smoke there must be a highgrade fire.

Gathara said...

:) Now we know where all the bhangi in Karura forest went, eh?