Thursday, January 24, 2008

ODM Planned Ethnic Attacks -Human Rights Watch

The BBC is reporting that the ODM planned and executed at least some of the recent post-election violence.

"We have evidence that ODM politicians and local leaders actively fomented some post-election violence," said the lobby group's acting Africa director (Georgette Gagnon).

Human Rights Watch says members of President Kibaki's Kikuyu community were targeted following the announcement of his victory.

Their researchers spoke to member of the rival Kalenjin group, who said they were mobilised by their leaders to attack and loot Kikuyu-owned shops and businesses.

Local ODM officials and Kalenjin leaders "arranged frequent meetings following the election to organise, direct and facilitate the violence unleashed by gangs of local youth", HRW said.

One ODM official provided a lorry to ferry youths to attack Kikuyus, it said.

"If the leaders say stop, it will stop immediately," one Kalenjin elder said.


Unknown said...

this story is a front page story in several countries.

Anonymous said...

The truth has a way of seeping out..sooner or later, everything will be out there in the open

Anonymous said...

if only "my gava" can do the things i pay them for....AND arrest and prosecute IMMEDIATELY!!!!. One wonders how easy it is for them to effectively fight off "demonstrators", and then fail to gather evidence that even a BBC reporter could lay hands on??? what shame!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous the "gava" is not functioning because the leader was rigged into power. So while the opposition should be prosecuted for inciting and organizing violence, the president should be sued for rigging the elections and breaking constitutional laws by hand picking the ECK. There are no angels in this mess.

Anonymous said...

ODM kubaff tu

Anonymous said...

Having assembled critical information regarding ODM’s operatives, it is imperative to bring to light some of the TRUTHS that many Kenyans do not discern from this mess:
That ODM deliberately planned long before elections to use hate campaigns against the Kikuyu community branding them as “selfish bigots dedicated to tribal hegemony who will never share the spoils of the government with other communities”. This crusade was made on purpose to trigger tribal animosity against the Kikuyu in the rift valley. Note this was put in type and print.
That ODM intentionally and knowingly went further to accentuate their majimbo agenda that promised the balkanized communities against the Kikuyu that they will benefit from land and other property “when the foreigners get chased”. Note that this has been the major cause for tribal cleansing in the Rift valley, and the consequential looting of Indian’s property in the Coast.
That ODM deliberately and by design planted its men to create and disseminate anti-kikuyu propaganda in the mass media, in the blogs, use of email’s and sms with the sole intention of causing tribal war, and they successfully started it.
That ODM deliberately and knowingly planned to reject “un-favorable results” and to “manipulate results in our green areas” and even billed the role of sparking the tribal violence to one of its pentagon members.
That ODM deliberately and intentionally created suspicion of poll rigging by maliciously raising false alarms backed by no evidence to purport rigging incase they eventually lost in the poll. In addition they created fear and panic amongst the citizenry to keep off observers and agents of other parties from their die-hard zones in order to manipulate polls. Note that even Administration police were targeted.
That ODM deliberately and intentionally funded and sponsored militia to ignite and perpetrate tribal war against the Kikuyu and other communities that they “suspected” didn’t vote with their blockade, especially in Nyanza, Rift Valley and Coast.

It is important therefore to add that ODM was not prepared to accept defeat in this poll (whether the election was rigged or not), and it is very clear under all circumstances that they were and are not ready for any legal pursuit because they have no case. Ironically, most of those advising ODM not to go to court are lawmakers, obviously who are also their sympathizers and sponsors. And these law makers for sure are aware that any other means of trying to settle a legal dispute would be illegal and futile! But I repeat that they wouldn’t choose this path because they clearly have no case, no facts, no evidence and no standi locus. Their complaint that the courts are biased and will not be fair is mockery in itself because if there can be no justice through justifiable means then we have no country, so what are they fighting for if we have no republic? What that means is that we are in an armed struggle where the winner will be determined by muscle. But can injustice be used to justify injustice?
ODM has demonstrated that because it believes in violence in the name of demonstrations. The call for violence (in the name of demonstration) by ODM in itself undermines their cry for justice, why? Because Justice is two way, if you need justice done to you, you must do justice to others. Is burning up innocent children in a church justice? Is killing innocent people and burning up their houses and property justice? Does killing Administration Police accompanying ballot box add up to any justice? Does any injustice meted to people who have nothing to do with ECK justify the injustices of a rigged poll? Have you heard ODM call for correction of these injustices? But how could they when they are the perpetrators? When ODM say No peace without Justice they don’t exactly mean that. They mean ‘justice’ to their alleged electoral victory! But DID ODM CLEARLY WIN THIS ELECTION? Probably yes, but it is more difficult to prove they won than to prove that they lost. This is probably the biggest reason among other ins and outs they are not prepared to go to court.
By declaring “no peace without justice”, ODM mean that they are the cause of uproar, that they have deliberately sponsored chaos amongst innocent citizens to protest the rigged poll. What ODM doesn’t tell us is the extent to which they define justice. To them justice is when they are declared real poll winners. To them this would be justice even if it has to be achieved through murder, through rape in open day-light, through looting, through arson, through destruction of property, through slings and stones! To ODM justice is when they use injustice to achieve justice. And then there would be PEACE unlimited when people are sleeping in cold and rain on show grounds, schools and churches. To ODM, justice is when its supporters are allowed to get into town and plunder, to rape defenseless women and girls in broad daylight, to torch petrol stations and KIKUYU shops, and etcetera without the police firing a shot. That is justice defined in ODM pipe.

In summary ODM’s actions amount to gross injustices against humanity, and no amount of justifications will justify these wrongs. ODM will obviously be apt to deny that they never told a Kalenjin or a Luo to kill a GEMA or a KISII, but we have the evidence that they planned, funded and perpetrated and are still doing it. With the overwhelming evidence collated by independent journalists, lawyers and Kenyans of goodwill, we are set to present our petition to call for prosecution of all the ODM pentagon members, the ODM party officials, and in addition the following persons, and their accomplices who participated in planning and executing several hundreds and counts of murder, arson and breach of peace:
Prof. Peter Anyang Nyong
Prof. Edward Oyugi Akongo
Prof. Patrick Wanyande
Mr. Adams Oloo
Mr. Oketch Kendo

And their other paid accomplices

All what has happened has not been accidental but was pre-planned by ODM, whether they won or lost the elections. They have succeeded in tearing our country apart, but History and God will judge them, I pray it may not be harsh.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous the "gava" is not functioning because the leader was rigged into power.

True, but even if there wouldn't have been any rigging - can you imagine what would happen if any opposition members would be arrested? Ruto perhaps? The country would explode..

Anonymous said...


you make many sweeping statements, and i sure hope your quest to prove them in court shall come to pass, one day. I HOPE they do, as those allegations are groundshaking.

but, for example, you state "ODM deliberately and intentionally created suspicion of poll rigging by maliciously raising false alarms backed by no evidence to purport rigging". On this one, i refuse to indulge your ignorance by referring you to otherwise "overwhelming evidence", all in public domain. are you for real, or did ECK chairman confessions totally convince you that all was fresh and clean with those elections??

On your charge that ODM "is not ready for any legal pursuit...and they claim the courts are biased"..yet again, DO YOU LIVE IN KENYA???

i initially thought of rebutting your allegations and opinions or observations one by one, but then again, i realized you probably have never lived in kenya in the last few years. otherwise you would be aware that if Lucy can slap you; and delamare kill a gava official, and the AG terminates all those cases, then HOW IN HELL DO YOU SUCCESSFULLY LITIGATE AGAINST CHIFASAURUS KIBAKI, the prezo ?". it never ceases to amaze me how humans like you navigate through this information age, with so much info to sift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!