Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This Beats Maturbating During Ramadan

This from Reuters (Hat Tip: providian)

NAIVASHA, Kenya (Reuters) - A couple caught having sex in a Kenyan mosque during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan have been sentenced to 18 months jail for what the judge called an "abominable" affront to religion.

Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu pleaded guilty to the charge of having sex in a place of worship after being caught on October 3 at the Abubakar mosque in Gilgil, about 60 miles north of Nairobi. Neither is a Muslim.

A worshipper heading for evening prayers found the couple having sex after investigating what the prosecution described as strange noises emanating from a dark corner of the mosque.

Kimani and Wairimu both pleaded for clemency at Monday's hearing, saying they were too drunk to know where they were. Kimani told the court he thought he was in a lodging house.

John King'ori, senior magistrate in nearby Naivasha, dismissed their plea.

"Having sex in a mosque is a most abominable thing to religion and only a custodial sentence can add justice to this," he said.

I wasn't aware "having sex in a place of worship" is a criminal offence in Kenya (what with the Fr. Wamugunda saga et al). I have also so far been unaware of the uncanny resemblance of a mosque to a lodgo!


makanga said...

Damn... 18 months for trying to catch rubs. The public embarrasment is punishment enough.

I'll be sure to confirm no minarets are on the building before I wax ol' girl's ass.

Anonymous said...

Dude rocks. I wonder how you find your way into a msikiti and proceed to 'spank that a**' bila understanding where you are?! I am sure they knew it and were like, since they are not using it now, am sure they would not mind if we borrowed it kidogo. Heh heh! Oh! The shame!

Acolyte said...

They are lucky Kenyan muslims arent militant otherwise they wouldnt have lived to answer a case!
None the less those nyeges must have been a tad bit too hot!