Monday, October 16, 2006

Christiano-Fascists in Kenya

In a recent post, I expressed my growing alarm over the political objectives of extremist Christians. While I was referring to events in the US, it seems that we now have our own home-bred extremism to deal with. According to the Sunday Nation, a section of Christian churches are sponsoring candidates in next year's general election with the ultimate aim of establishing a theocracy along the lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The paper quotes Presbyterian Church of East Africa Moderator, Dr. David Githii, declaring "a theocracy is the dream we have. Look at the Bible. When god fearing people took power, nations prospered. These God-fearing people destroyed idols and put God first." Perhaps Dr. Githii needs to widen his sources of historical facts. A look at the sorry history of so-called theocracies should disabuse anybody of the notion that "God-fearing people" actually fear God. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the many wars and attrocities that followed the Reformation are proof enough of the dangers of Christian rule. In Africa, Dr. Githii and his associates in this project should now be counted among the likes of Joseph Kony whose LRA rebels have mounted a campaign of terror in Northern Uganda in their bid to establish a government run according to the Ten Commandments.

At least the Catholic Church seems to have learnt its lesson. The Pope's representative in Kenya, Archbishop Alain Paul Lebeaupin rejected the theocracy project saying "a priest or bishop serving in the Catholic Church cannot accept a direct appointment from the government, cannot be elected as an MP, President or Cabinet Minister."


Rista said...

Love that word 'christiano-fascist', wonder if they'd get any votes though... given that we'd rather vote because it's "our turn to eat"?

Osas said...

Tne Nuncio Lebeaupin is right, and Fr. Wamugunda should be suspended from ecclesiastical office, since he is already in infraction of those binding provisions of canon law.