Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Kenya, Old is definitely not Gold

Found this piece on the Sky News website:

Kenya Plans 'Youths' Of 50

They say you're only as young as you feel - and one Kenyan politician wants to enshrine that theory in law.
Government minister Mohammed Kuti wants to change the legal definition of youth to include people up to the age of 50.
That would constitute a 20-year jump from the current upper limit of 30.
If passed by parliament, the new rule would put "youths" within five years of Kenya's official retirement age of 55.
According to the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Kenya's average life expectancy is just 54.7 years, although that figure is affected by a high infant mortality rate.
Youth Affairs Minister Mr Kuti was quoted in local media as saying the government plans to change the law defining youth so that more people can access a one billion shilling - or £7.44m - youth fund, which was established this year.
The plan could almost have been inspired by one of Kenya's best known personalities.
Kimani Maruge, 86, made it into the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest pupil in the world.
The peasant farmer and former Mau Mau activist attends the Kapkenduiywo primary school in Langas, west of the capital Nairobi.
Mr Kuti's proposal has rankled some in the east African nation, where critics say the reform agenda of President Mwai Kibaki, 74, has stalled because he has filled his cabinet with members of his own age group, or "wazee" in Swahili.
Auditor Catherine Kagweria said the proposed change was "utter nonsense".
She added: "We need younger, more spry leaders to take over from these geriatrics."


Anonymous said...

kenya never ceaases to amaze in kneya the opportunity for youths is limited and by the time yoy are 30 you considered a mzee. nitice companies specifically ask that u be below the age of 32 or therabout when you apply for a job. which means that a big chunk of those overseas will definitely not return

Majonzi said...

only in Kenya... NAJIVUNIA KUWA MKENYA..