Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tribal Gerrymandering

Once again our MPs have outdone themselves in their disregard for the issues affecting their constituents (a good number of whom are IDPs) while at the same time bemoaning the plight of their kinsmen in far away constituencies. They are going out of their way to prove just what a sorry bunch of tribalists they are. And in advocating the return of IDPs, not to the homes they have owned and lived in for decades, but to their "ancestral homes " (whatever that means) , the Dishonourable Members of the Disgust House reveal their intention of creating ethnically pure and homogeneous constituencies where they can be undisputed tribal chieftains. Shame on them. And shame on all of us who voted for them!


Farmgal said...

Crocodile tears indeed!

pesa tu said...

What an accurate portrayal of our politicians and their crocodile tears.

They lit the fire but now pretend that they are innocent.
Can i put one of the croc toons on my site.Of course i'll put a link to yours and acknowledge u.

Gathara said...

Pesa tu,
You're welcome to use the cartoon.