Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Slap in The Face?

When did our much-maligned current constitution receive a makeover? During the Moi era, Kibaki and his cohorts were at the forefront of agitation for a new constitutional dispensation. Remember the arguments over the "constitutive power" of Kenyans and Kivutha Kibwana's contention that we were not necessarily bound by the dictates of a patently unfair constitution? Remember Kibaki's own push for the IPPG agreement that had no basis in our constitution?

Now we are told that there is nothing really wrong with the document (the constitution) and that we should faithfully abide by it. I remember that prior to the election, I stated on this blog that Kibaki did not give us democratic space but rather was a beneficiary of it. I further argued that he was actually in the process of rolling it back. That much was obvious way before the stolen election and continues to be affirmed by the statements attributed to him and his mandarins in PNU.

The President's flirtation with (some might say marriage to) constitutional reform is most definitely over.

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