Monday, January 22, 2007

More Christianofascism in Kenya

Now that, according to the Daily Nation, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru intends to win the Starehe seat "for Jesus" in the next elections, one wonders what is to become of the constituency's non-Christian population should she win. And since there is a ban on religious parties in Kenya (remember the Islamic Party of Kenya saga?) shouldn't this be construed to extend to candidates who campaign on a religious platform? After all, the law is there to prevent the country dividing along religious lines. Surely statements such as "we are taking Starehe for Jesus" are just as likely to stoke religious resentment.

By the way, let's assume that the Bishop goes ahead with her planned marriage to a South African pastor and that it is a Christian marriage registered in Kenya. If it then turns out that she was in fact previously married to Mr. Kamangu under African Customary Law and that that marriage was never terminated, wouldn't she be guilty of bigamy?


jm said...

Spot on,Gathara. The amount of vitriol directed by Wanjiru towards the jamaa is astounding. Surely, even Jesus would not be amused ...

Anonymous said...

I do agree that firm public policy should be her focus and not Jesus. There have been a lot of religous fundamentalists in power and little good has come from their reign if any.
I also do agree that the Bishop needs to have her marriage annuled or reversed (whatever they do) before running of with her catch.
Her conduct has really appalled me to be honest.