Friday, November 24, 2006

Looking Back

Remember the good old days? Days of the "Unbwogable" NARC? January 2003 seems like a whole ice-age ago. Here's an excerpt from the article Kenya Elections Hailed Worldwide written by Ghanaian journalist Ofeibea Quist-Arcton way back when. Brings tears to my eyes.
..."The positive thing about Kibaki is that he is very strongly against corruption. (Here) everything depends on what the president says and does over the next 100 days," said political analyst John Githongo. "The most important thing is to restore the confidence of Kenyans in their own institutions," said Githongo, echoing a widely held view that placing honest and capable people in top jobs and public institutions must be a top priority for Kibaki to restore public confidence.

"The past regime was all about corruption and repression, physical repression, causing fear - people in Kenya have always feared government. If Kibaki can change that, he will have done very well," Githongo concluded.

Kenyans appear to be ready to give Kibaki the benefit of the doubt and the chance to honour his promises. The world community is certainly wholeheartedly behind Kenya's new president. The African Union hailed the 'political maturity' of Kenyans and their leaders for their peaceful and democratic election. The former colonial power, Britain, the United States and others have lauded the conduct of the polls and pledged their support.

Kenya's success has been praised as an important example to other African countries...
However, almost presciently, she asks:
'Has Kibaki bitten off more than he can chew in promising a new Kenya?... The obvious answer is 'of course'. But what else could he have done? Kibaki has inherited a country, saddled with an economic recession, riddled with corruption, dogged by insecurity and home to old and poorly performing infrastructure. Surely Kibaki had to promise the Kenyan people he would change all that. What option did a veteran opposition leader have as he campaigned to occupy the country's top job?

...Of course, whether Kibaki can deliver on even half of his plethora of promises is another question. Only time will tell. But if he can raise the morale of Kenyans, boost the economy, provide free primary school education, restore confidence and transparency in the government, the judiciary and other central institutions, honour his pledge of zero tolerance on corruption - and sanction all those who transgress - then the new government will have made an encouraging start.
It's now time to bring out the score card.
Raise the morale of Kenyans_______Fail
Boost the economy______________Pass (I'm being generous here)
Free primary school education______Pass (I'm being very generous here)
Restore confidence and transparency in the government____Fail
Honour his pledge of zero tolerance on corruption and sanction all those who transgress___Fail

2 out of 5. That dog don't hunt.


Acolyte said...

Seems Kenya77 missed this one.....

coldtusker said...

Aco... stop inviting those barbarians!

Haven't seen you at my blog of late... At least your deals with real world... none of the political BS...

Acolyte said...

@ Gathara
Hols and homework have kept me busy, anyway did you manage to test that visitor tracker I sent you? I love it to bits!

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