Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting Away with Genocide for Dummies

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia is expected to take 17 years and cost an estimated $100million per year prosecuting war criminals who killed 200,000 people.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda is only expected to take 14 years and cost a relatively measly $24 million per year prosecuting those responsible for the genocide of 800,000 - 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

The Khmer Rouge Tribunal (KRT), will only take 3 years and cost about $20 million per year to try those responsible for the deaths of 3 million Cambodians.

The more people you kill, the lower the incentive the international community has to spend time and money prosecuting you. Or just don't kill people in Europe.


Jon said...

How come you can use the "... for dummies" phrase, when evenone else gets threatened with legal action??

Gathara said...

Just consider the full title. Don't think anyone would want to mess with me.

Catherine said...

anonymous, set up your own blog or at least comment on the correct subject instead of hijacking other peoples blogs...

Gathara said...

No worries. I am God in this universe and no spam will go unpunished. Now, where is that "Delete" key....

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