Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Six Cases Please

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Anonymous said...

Hi Garth! I was somewhat shocked by the kenyan parlianment vote for withdrawing from the icc. one, i cannot believe how stupid our mps can be...if they (except adorable martha!) found value in rallying behind the hague 6! no conceivable gains whatsoever!!! two, the sympathy from a signifcant part of the kenyan public reveals TOTAL MISALIGNMENT between the kenyan voter and his/her civic interests. i see no benefit to the average public from kenya pulling out of the icc. thirdly, if impunity and rue of law (read constitutionalism) was our 2-decade point of focus....then we have made an unashamed aboutface in hardly a year since we heralded our "be-all-over-exensivetoget-constitutional paper"! yaani being african can be so painful at times....with such wanton meaningless nonsense...!! as in we cant have even 6 months without some miro country throwing one of these overly embarasing shenanigans !!! constitutional ammendments ala kenyatta-moi in the offing??????