Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gathara's World: Season 2

It's been such a long time since my last post and so much has happened that I do not know where to begin.

The Mungiki seem to have faded from the headlines apart from the occasional report of police killing suspected members.

Budget day came and went and Amos Kimunya's speech predictably had more to do with securing re-election than solving the pressing needs of our people.

Again predictably, the ODM-Kenya electoral challenge seems to be fading in the face of continuing bickering, greed and myopia prevalent in its leadership. The stage seems set for another 5 years of lost opportunity under the wholly uninspiring non-leadership of Mwai Kibaki.

Nearly a year has now passed since the court ruling that effectively stopped George Saitoti's prosecution (and not cleared him as some are wont to think). The AG has, again predictably, failed to keep his word that he would appeal that decision.

John Githongo remains in exile, Kiraitu Murungi is still in Cabinet, our hopes of transparent and accountable governance in limbo.

On the international stage, the misguided US War on Terror continues to hobble along, fatally wounded by the adventure in Iraq. George Bush's travails with the English language continue unabated (see here) while his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez' paranoia gains strength and absurdity with each passing day. Iran still seeks nuclear weapons, Israel continues to bomb and blockade the Palestinians, the Palestinians are still their own worst enemies.

So much has happened yet nothing has changed!

I shall be visiting Washington DC next week to attend the AAEC 50th Anniversary convention. Any ideas where I can catch up with my fellow Kenyans for "one"?


jm said...

Good to see you back Gathara. We can catch one or two in D.C. Holla !!

3N said...

you've been gone for a while...welcome back and see you when you get to DC

Anonymous said...

welcome back

steve said...

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