Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ever Wondered?

Where do the wigs and hair extensions our ladyfolk so love come from? Shiyin has a clue:
I saw this programme which basically explains where do wigs and hair extensions come from. No, they are not from dead bodies. In India, little children will collect hairs dropped from their mothers every morning when they comb their hair. Then there are hair collectors who go around collecting these bundles of hair from the children in exchange for sweets and stickers. The hair collectors then sell the hair to hair dealers who employed workers to help separate the strands of hair, wash off the coconut oil and straightened the hair. Then they send the sacks of hair to…. China! They will then dye, perm, sew the hair into wigs and sell them to the western countries. Ta Dah! Fascinating. But I don’t think I will want to do hair extensions after watching the documentary.
As the Kikuyu say: "Mwenda uthaka ndacayaga (he/she who seeks beauty doesn't wince)"


Unyc said...

I hate weaves, wigs...!! I want 2 pull them off people's heads esp those that look like they have been munched by a cow. some look like withered grass.

Lol...u hv reminded me that Kikuyu saying. My mum always used 2 tell me that whenever i complained when i plait my hair or have it hot combed....yes she used a hot comb on me in Nursery school...I still have it for memory

Spyce said...

The lengths people will go for beauty!

If God did not give it to you, you can always buy it! I am always amazed at how creative human beings are at showing nature how its done


Acolyte said...

There are also some women who willingly sell their hair in some of these Asian countries. For me the thought of wearing someone else's hair on my head nauseates me.