Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kibaki Rejects Pay Increment

According to NTV, Kibaki has refused his proposed pay increment citing "more urgent projects that need the funding." Well done! However, I wish he had adopted this line of thinking from 2003 and vetoed the MPs salary awards.

Now if I switch to conspiracy theory mode, I am tempted to think that the whole affair was designed to make Kibaki out to be a man of the people. Surely, would they have awarded him a payrise in public without him asking for it (or at the very least without his knowledge)? Something smells not quite right....


acolyte said...

If it was a genuine move then much respect to him for doing the right thing, if it was a ploy then it was a master stroke!
Too bad whichever way it went the Narc fanatics will be happy.If he took it, he was being rewarded for his hard work and if he refused, he was just showing how good a leader he is.

3N said...

He would have been stupid to take it. I see this as a master stroke by Narc-K strategists.
Now Kibaki looks like a 'peoples' president versus the greedy MP's who have raised their salaries several times.
This move will be preached over and over again during the campaign.
Good move Kibz.

coldtusker said...

A scam... but of course...

This is like the scandal that never was... U return what u stole and are called a hero!

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