Friday, September 29, 2006

The KACC of Corruption

So now Justice Aaron Ringera and the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission want Kshs. 9 billion more to fight corruption eh? In four years, the KACC has not achieved a single conviction of note. Actually, ever since he was appointed to lead the anti-corruption crusade, first as head of the defunct KACA and now its successor, Ringera has singularly distinguished himself by his failures. Why doesn't he provide us with a breakdown of all the money he has received since his KACA days and then tell us what exactly we have been paying for? Why should we believe that it's going to deliver the big fish this time round? In my book, he's either negligent of his duties or incompetent. Either way, he should go.

Perhaps whoever wrote today's editorial in the Daily Nation had a look at my post on Somalia. If so, they came, they saw, they concurred.


alexcia said...

ridiculous---how many votes for we just shoot them

coldtusker said...

Well, it might seem cruel... BUT you have mine!